2018 Presentation Archives

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Many of the speakers from the 2018 edition of the VM Workshop have kindly provided their presentation materials in electronic format so attendees may download them for reference. Presentations will be posted as we receive them.

All files below are in PDF format.

Please note that the presentations are copyright by the speakers and/or their organizations, and please respect this copyright and do not re-post elsewhere without permission from the author.

More presentations may be added over time as they are received from speakers; please check back in a day or two if the one you seek is not yet posted.

SpeakerCompanySession Title
Stan King ITC zPDT Technology
Bill Bitner IBM z/VM Platform Update: Ever Onward
z/VM 6.4 Leveraging the Newest Capabilities in z/VM
Watch and Learn: Introduction to CMS Pipelines
Brian Lang IBM LinuxOne Rockhopper II Overview
Stephanie Rivero IBM z/VM Encrypted Paging: Deep Dive
Rich Smrcina Velocity Software Using Your Performance Monitor to Watch z/VM and Linux on IBM Z
James Vincent Velocity Software Powerful yet Easy to Use Cloud Management for Linux on IBM Z
Gonzalo Muelas Serrano IBM z/VSE Status, Business and News
z/VSE Pricing
Len Santalucia Vicom Infinity What Does Today's Buyer Think about Mainframe
Study Results from the Open Mainframe Project
Ingo Franzki IBM z/VSE Connectors Introduction, Use Cases, and News
Exploiting z/VSE's SSL Support
Using Restful Web Services with z/VSE
Pervasive Encryption for Linux for IBM z and LinuxONE
z/VSE Connectors with Focus on CICS Connectivity and Web Services
Mike Robertson RRWRD VTAPE (for the small VSE shop)
Wilhelm Mild IBM How the Open Ecosystem on Linux on IBM Z Exploits Scalability and Pervasive Encryption on IBM z14
How to Build an Autonomic Data Storage Hub on Linux on Z using IBM Spectrum Scale
Blockchain Demystified
Blockchain Integration Capabilities with a System of Record
Exploit Now the synergy of z/VSE, Linux on Z, and z/VM for sCAC
Tim Kessler Velocity Software Monitoring and Finding Performance Problems Using zVIEW
Bill Carico Acts Corporation To Preserve and Protect - Transforming Education to Create Masters of Technology
John McLemore IBM z14ZR1 Technical Presentation
LinuxOne Overview
IBM Mainframe Lifecycle History
Marc Smith ProTech Training Help Wanted: Replacing Retiring Mainframe Skills
IT's Best Kept Secrets
Scott McFall ProTech Training Addressing the Mainframe Skills Shortage: What Happens When the Boomers Retire?
Don Vosburg SUSE Patching Linux VMs - Why and How
Paul Novak IBM Good Practices and Lessons Learned for z/VM and Linux on Z
Ingolf Salm IBM z/VSE Hardware Update
Security on z/VSE
Migration and Hints and Tips with z/VSE 6.2
z/VSE 6.2 Technical Update
Jeff Barnard Barnard Software Migrating to IPv6/VSE