Fallen Knight Award

The Fallen Knight Award is a commemorative award, honoring exceptional Knights of VM that have passed on, who have had a continuous impact on
the VM Community in general, and the VM Workshop in particular. The Fallen Knight Award is given to recipients that exemplify the Knight that was lost.
While the VM Workshop stewards the award, it is based on contributions from the VM community at large.

For those unfamiliar with the Order of the Knights of VM, it is a group of individuals selected for their contributions to the VM platform,
spanning products such as VM/370, VM/SP, VM/SP HPO, VM/XA, VM/ESA, z/VM, and related products. Every five years on the anniversary
of the announcement of VM/370, new companions of the order are selected. Knights and Dames of VM are nominated and voted on by the current
Knights and Dames. This represents the best of the VM Community. See the full list of knights. The Fallen Knight Award acknowledges the best of the best.

2024 Fallen Knight - Sir David, The Generous

The first honoree of the Fallen Knight Award is David Jones, better known as Sir David, The Generous. His title is fitting for Dave was known
to be more than generous with his time, expertise, support, friendship, and smiles. Taken from us in August of 2023, Dave had been knighted twenty-one years earlier.
Dave had also been recognized by IBM in 2023 as an IBM Champion. Dave had a heart for learning and teaching. And as such, the recipient of the Fallen Knight Award
in his name will be a student who attends the 2024 VM Workshop and exhibits Dave's spirit of helpfulness and encouragement, a person to pay it forward as was in
Dave's nature. The recipient will be awarded with funds to assist them in their educational pursuits. We will miss hearing on calls, Dave's unique
Texas accent, "Dave here", but we know the echoes of his heart will live on in others. Dave was also on the panel of a session at the 2019 VM Workshop,
a recording is available on You Tube.

To Donate

Various people have asked how they can help. If you wish to contribute to the Fallen VM Knight Award and honor Dave, you may do so with the following link:


The link will take you to Paypal where you can donate (Paypal account not necessary). Afterwards, you will return to a Thank You page here on the VM Workshop website.