2015 Presentation Archives

Many of the speakers from the 2015 edition of VMworkshop have kindly provided their presentation materials in electronic format so attendees can download them for reference. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- Presentations will be posted as we receive them.)

In the listing below, the filenames are uniformly formatted as "VMworkshop2015-TitleOfPresentation-Author(s)". All are available in Adobe Acrobatb" (PDF) format, and some are also provided in Microsoft PowerPointb" (PPT or PPTX) format or in LibreOffice Impress (ODP) format.

Please note that the presentations are copyright by the speakers and/or their organizations, and please respect this copyright and do not re-post elsewhere without permission from the author.

More presentations may be added over time as they are received from speakers; please check back in a day or two if the one you seek is not yet posted.

  Archived Files
ADP Customer Experience Public - Phil Tully
ADP Customer Experience Public - Phil Tully
Advanced zVM Linux On zSys Mgmt With IBM Wave - Paul Novak
Backing Up zVM and Linux - Tracy Dean
Best Network Between zVSE zVM Linux On zSystems - Wilhelm Mild
Big Data And Systemz - Mike Combs
Building Mainframe Skills - Marc Smith
Clustered File Systems - Neale Ferguson
CMS Shared File System Admin And Usage - Rich Smrcina
Customer Experience Linux On zSystems - Siegfried Langer
Customer Solutions With zVSE Connectors - Wilhelm Mild
Free VM Tools - Bruce Hayden
How Do You Spell SMT - Emily Hugenbruch
How To Be A Great zVM Syst Prog - Tim Reynolds
How To Be A Great zVM Syst Prog - Tim Reynolds
How To Secure zVSE System And Data - Ingo Franzki
IBM Mobile First Integration With zOS zVSE - Wilhelm Mild
IBM z13 Server Technology - Monte Bauman
IBM zAware Anomaly Detection On Linux - Patrick Chan
Implementing zVSE Fast Path To Linux Systemz - Ingo Franzki
Install Service Panel Discussion - Glenda Ford
IT Optimization With Linux - Siegfried Langer
Keys To The Virtual Kingdom - Brian Hugenbruch
Lessons Installingz VM6_3 - Kolu Jarboi
Lessons Installingz VM6_3 - Kolu Jarboi
Linux On zSystems Update - Siegfried Langer
Making Life Easier With Dirmaint - Patricia Rando
Making Life Easier With Dirmaint - Patricia Rando
Migrating Linux And VM - Michael MacIsaac
Oraclez Linux - Gaylan Braselton
Paging To SSD Flash - Bill Bitner
Rexx HoW - Chip Davis
REXX Language Coding Techniques - Tracy Dean
RPM Basics - Dustin Harman
RPM Basics - Dustin Harman
SMT Performance - Xenia Tkatschow
SMT Performance - Xenia Tkatschow
SSH No Root Login Envrionment - Michael MacIsaac
SURF Demo - Marty Deitch
Unlockz VSE Data And Apps For Mobile - Ingo Franzki
Unlock zVSE Data Applications For Mobile World - Wilhelm Mild
Using zVM for Teaching - Dennis Foreman
Using zVM for Teaching - Dennis Foreman
VM Begins - Timothy Greer
VM Begins - Timothy Greer
Your Ticket To zSystems - Mike Riggs
zVM And Linux Monitoring Best Practices - Michael Sine
zVM CPU Pooling and ILMT - Damian Osisek
zVM Mgmt Customer Experiences - TracyDean
zVM Platform Update - Leslie Greer
zVSE Announcements Trends Directions - Klaus Goebel
zVSE Release Migration Installation Hints Tips - Ingo Franzki