2022 Presentation Archives

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Many of the speakers from the 2022 edition of the VM Workshop have kindly provided their presentation materials in electronic format so attendees may download them for reference. Presentations will be posted as we receive them.

All files below are in PDF format.

Please note that the presentations are copyright by the speakers and/or their organizations, and please respect this copyright and do not re-post elsewhere without permission from the author.

More presentations may be added over time as they are received from speakers; please check back in a day or two if the one you seek is not yet posted.

Speaker Company Session Title
Gerard Howells Kyndryl VM Workshop 2022 Opening and Keynote
Sam Cohen Levi, Ray, and Schoup An Introduction to SAN and FB disk for ECKD Users
Improving Security with z/VM Directory Changes
Setting up a Minimal RedHat OpenShift Environment on Linux on Z
Jim Elliott Glasshouse Systems 50 Years of Mainframe Virtualization
Michael Potter Replatform Technologies Running CICS Applications on zLinux
Jacob Gagnon IBM z/VM Platform Update
Rene Trumpp IBM z/VSE Business, Status and Strategy Update
Vic Cross IBM Delivering Usable Systems based on z/VM
Len Santalucia
Stephanie Rivero
Feilong: the open source API for z/VM automation
Gonzales Muelas Serrano 21st Century Software Moving on to 21C VSEn 6.3
Shahin Krishna 21st Century Software Fast Service Upgrade from IBM z/VSE to 21C VSEn 6.3
Fresh installation of VSEn 6.3
Rebecca Levesque 21st Century Software 21st Century Software: Introduction, Portfolio, Activities and News
David Jamieson 21st Century Software VSEn Connectors Use Cases
Ingo Adlung
Stev Glodowski
Hybrid Cloud for IBM Z and LinuxONE Building on IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center
Arty Ecock CUNY REXX/Sockets Updates
Brian Hugenbruch IBM Getting Started with IBM Z Crypto on zVM
Junior Woodchuck's Guide to Using TLS on zVM
Stev Glodowski IBM OpenShift on Z - Try & Buy
What's New in IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center
Rich Smrcina Velocity Software Monitoring z/VSE with zVPS
Tracy Dean IBM Customer Experiences Managing z/VM and Linux
Backup Strategies for z/VM and Linux
Rexx Language Coding Techniques - Part 1
Rexx Language Coding Techniques - Part 2
Steve Cook IBM Disaster Strikes! GDPS to the Rescue
Lauren Maietti IBM z/VM Virtualization Basics
Anthony Tortola SUSE Simplified Container Management with SUSE Rancher
Neale Ferguson Sine Nomine Associates .NET v6, AlmaLinux and a Redbook
Kurt Acker Sine Nomine Associates Automating MongoDB Deployments on Mainframes
Wilhelm Mild IBM Red Hat OpenShift Overview and New Capabilities
Why virtualization is still highly used in the era of containers and cloud
The mainframe in the era of clouds and hyperscalers
Ray Oriente ADP CMDB and More
Stefan Raspl IBM Linux on IBM Z Networking with RoCE Express
John Franciscovich IBM Preparing for 8-member SSI
Marc Smith ProTech Training IT's Best Kept Secret
Mark Cathcart Retired VM - If you don't know where you've been...