2020 Presentation Archives

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Many of the speakers from the 2020 edition of the VM Workshop have kindly provided their presentation materials in electronic format so attendees may download them for reference. Presentations will be posted as we receive them.

All files below are in PDF format.

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Speaker Company Session Title
Dianne Griffin/Kara Todd Marriott International/IBM VM Workshop 2020 Opening and Keynote
Jeff Barnard Barnard Software BSI Update
Len Santalucia, et al Vicom Infinity Vicom Infinity Update
Bill Bitner IBM zVM Platform Update - Expanding Horizon Workshop Edition
Rene Trumpp IBM zVSE Business, Status and Strategy Update
Natalie Spieser IBM zVSE Update
Monte Bauman IBM zServer Technology Review
Brian Wade IBM Is My z/VM System Full
Rich Smrcina Velocity Software Monitoring z/VSE with zVPS
Tracy Dean IBM Customer Experiences Managing z/VM and Linux
Earl of Tabasco Configuring SSL a User Experience - part 1
Configuring SSL a User Experience - part 2
Mike Friesenegger SUSE Four use cases when using SUSE products with IBM Z and LinuxONE
Richard Lewis IBM z/VM Centralized Service Management
Sam Cohen Levi, Ray, and Schoup User Experiences in Setting Up Openshift
Ingo Franzki IBM z/VSE Connectors Best Practices
James Vincent Velocity Software zPRO V4 - High Octane On-prem Private Cloud for Linux on Z
Sean Seitz/Serge Rioux Optica Technologies Mainframe Virtual Tape-The Optimal Solution for z/VM & z/VSE Users
Kurt Acker Sine Nomine Associates Sine Nomine Update
Andy Hartmann Mainline Linux on Z and Crypto Express Card
Stefan Reimbold IBM Linux Whats New & Performance
Gerard Howells America First Credit Union Learning to Love Linux and VM
VSE to zOS Conversion
Emily Hugenbruch IBM z/VM Problem Determination and Data Collection
Glenn Schneck GT Software Challenges Integrating Legacy CICS Applications
Marianne Eggett Mainline Mainline Sponsor Presentation
Brian Hugenbruch IBM Preparing your z/VM Systems for IBM Z MFA
Wilhelm Mild IBM Discover the variety of Container technologies available on IBM Z including zCX
Stev Glodowski IBM IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center - IaaS Solution for IBM Z and LinuxONE
Rick Barlow Velocity Software Metal to Cloud in Two Days
Mosche Bar vChain Immudb - lightweight, high-speed, immutable database solution by vChain
Barton Robinson Velocity Software Velocity Software Update and Metal to Cloud in Two Days