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Velocity Software

Velocity Software

Velocity Software is the world wide recognized leader in z/VM and Linux on System z Performance Management, providing facilities for Performance Analysis, Capacity Planning, Chargeback and Accounting, Operational Support and Cloud Enablement solution for System z. Velocity Software has been producing premier products to support this environment for two decades. Successful installations around the globe rely on Velocity Software to obtain optimal performance from their z/VM systems and Linux guests, from proof-of-concept to deployment of mission-critical applications.

Magnelia Necoy
Cell: 303-999-7646

Vicom Infinity

Vicom Infinity Inc. is an IBM Premier Business Partner that resells IBM System z mainframe, storage and software and provides the education and services to enable clients to implement and use them to the fullest extent. Vicom Infinity's expertise in providing processing solutions for high-availability environments ensures that it succeeds at a primary objective: to develop each IT ransformation seamlessly, with no impact on its clients continued production and established workloads. Everything it does, from systems analysis to custom installations and knowledge transfer, supports that objective. Vicom Infinity's philosophy for transforming IT functionality is simple: Combine proven technology with the infinite possibilities of innovative thinking.

Leonard J. Santalucia

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SUSE® provides and supports enterprise-grade Linux and open source solutions with exceptional service, value and flexibility. With partners and communities, we innovate, adapt and deliver secure Linux, cloud infrastructure and storage software to create solutions for mixed enterprise IT environments. We help customers harness the benefits and power of an open enterprise that can empower their possibilities.

Contact us: https://www.suse.com/contact/
Sales Number: 800-796-3700

Barnard Software, Inc.

Barnard Software Inc. (BSI) is a full IPv4 and IPv6 solution provider to the VSE/ESA and z/VSE customer. The future of TCP/IP is IPv6/VSE. BSI will keep your company competitive with cutting edge technology. BSI applications are ready today to move your company to the next level of network addressing. Our high performance TCP/IP products are reliable and easily integrated into existing systems. BSI has been a TCP/IP solution provider to the VSE customer for 20 years.

Teri Barnard

Information Technology Company, LLC

Information Technology Company, LLC

Since 1993, has been the leader in mainframe emulation for development, testing and training. From the early days with the IBM P/370 and P/390 technologies, ITC has excelled at providing a complete solution for mainframe application development platforms for use on-premises or in the cloud. The ITC legacy as an IBM Business Partner started in the late 1990's working closely with the IBM Fellow Department and world-famous Dr. Bill Beausoleil, inventor of the P/370 and P/390 Adapters and embedded emulation technology. ITC is the only worldwide provider of IBM mainframe emulation, and has sales and support offices throughout the USA and Europe providing a complete package including migration assistance and remote support.

ITC has a worldwide installed base of over 400 customers with mainframe emulation platforms from the very small and portable laptop versions to the very large enterprise-wide solutions supporting parallel sysplex and complex LPAR/VM Guest configurations with zOS, zVSE, z/TPF, and Linux for System z.

ITC will provide a fully operational zPDT system with three CPs activated for use by all presenters and educators at the conference. It will have zVM and zVSE and Linux for z Systems installed and available. Guesting will be enabled so that the hosting zVM can have any number of guests running under, with guests assigned to each presenter or educator as required.

For more information or to set up access, Contact Dave Jones with ITC at djones@itconline.com.

Manny Mangilit
Phone: 703-237-7370 x106

Sponsor Offer(s) for VM Workshop Attendees:

  • $1,500 discount on a complete uPDTtm Solution with IBM zPDT technology;
  • $1,500 discount on a complete System ReDDtm solution with IBM RD&T/zDT technology;
  • $350 discount on a DIY, token only solution for RD&T, zDT or zPDT technology license;
  • No cost access to a remote zPDT platform for application testing and proof of concept purposes with zVM, zVSE and Linux for z Systems;
  • Free ITC Penquins and Keychains for everyone.


IBM, International Business Machines Corporation, is a technology, consulting, and services company with headquarters in Armonk, NY. The name IBM was adopted in 1924 by the former Computing Tabulating and Recording Company, based in Endicott, NY. Today IBM is one of the leading technology innovators in the world. With the S/360 architecture launched sixty years ago IBM introduced operating systems such as DOS/360, now called z/VSE. Virtual machines were introduced to the world, and IBM's z/VM product has evolved to become the benchmark to which other virtualization solutions are measured. With the millennium change, IBM added Linux on IBM Z to drive additional workloads to the most powerful, most reliable, most scalable platform - known as the mainframe.

Brian Hugenbruch

Mainline Information Systems

Trusted since 1989, Mainline provides comprehensive IT solutions to over 4,000 satisfied customers. We give the focused attention only a local solution provider can deliver, backed by the expertise and experience of national industry leaders, making us the partner of choice for successful companies. Mainline delivers innovative IT solutions, including cloud and hybrid cloud offerings, on premises infrastructure systems, business analytics, cyber security, and data management solutions and more.

As a leading IBM Platinum Business Partner, Mainline is the choice for companies wanting experience, expertise and local resources for their IBM Z systems, services, and solutions. Backed by our nationwide team, comprised of more than 110 mainframe consulting resources, we have the extensive knowledge, skill base and certifications to tackle any mainframe consulting, planning or testing challenge including Z modernization.

Andy Hartman

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Luminex Software, Inc

Luminex serves as a trusted advocate helping enterprise customers protect, manage, and leverage corporate data assets by developing and delivering high quality, innovative technology solutions. Renowned for it's industry-leading Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT) solutions, Luminex also offers professional migration services, the compact T2S mainframe DASD solution, and it's innovative and highly customizable Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) platform.

Michael Pantoja
951.781.4100 x122

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open mainframe project

The Open Mainframe Project

The Open Mainframe Project aims to create an open source, technical community where industry participants can collaborate around the use of the Linux and Open Source in a mainframe computing environment. The Open Mainframe Project is committed to creating a structure to invest resources in growing the community, continuing to extend the technology, and provide a collaboration hub for sharing models, definitions, and best practices.

Deb Giles

CM First Group

CM First Group empowers organizations and system integrators with IBM mainframe and midrange applications to advance their code into the new digital economy. We focus on custom applications written in COBOL, RPG, Java and CA 2E (Synon) as well as other languages.

CM First has advanced code comprehension, business rule mining and transformation software that reduces engineering costs by up to 80 percent. We scale to millions of lines of code from your programs, jobs and tables with compiler accuracy, and use code slicing technology to present a new way to navigate your code visually while sticking to your project timeline and budget. These features are included in one of our products, CM evolveIT, an innovative code analysis workbench for mainframe organizations and systems integrators.

CM First has served the IBM i and IBM z community since 1999, and is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with additional offices in Europe.

Mark Weiss

Sine Nomine Associates

Sine Nomine provides support and architecture definition services for a wide range of systems, networks and software. We provide a vendor-neutral voice that gives a real, field-tested way to define your future.

Kate Stringfield

ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc.

Employee learning and development is an important part of keeping your skills current and your company running smoothly. ProTech specializes in corporate education and offers both live and virtual classes designed to fit your specific training requirements. With over 25 years in the business and over 500 courses in a variety of subjects including multiple mainframe OS's and middleware topics, ProTech will be sure to meet your training needs. To find out more, visit our Training page.

Marc I. Smith
800-373-9188 Ext 167

Enterprise Systems Media

Enterprise Tech Journal, Enterprise Executive, and the EnterpriseSystemsMedia.com website are the destinations for all things IT within the world's largest, multiplatform computing environments. As the only source of independently-published magazines focused on multiplatform enterprise computing for IT staff and managers, these destinations provide a wealth of how-to information. Subscribe today at EnterpriseSystemsMedia.com/subscribe.

Bob Thomas

IBM Systems Media

IBM Systems Media covers IBM systems and technologies for IBM Z customers in the IBM Z edition, in your choice or print, digital, or tablet (iPad/Android) format. The magazine along with our brand new website ibmsystemsmag.com, and EXTRA and Marketplace eNewsletters, provide exclusive information straight from the source: IBM. Our vast Webinar archive provides you with ongoing education and technology updates. Subscribe today for new technology announcements, in-depth customer case studies, strategic articles, product information and more!
SUBSCRIBE NOW: www.ibmsystemsmag.com/subscribe.

Mari Adamson-Bray | Associate Publisher
MSP Tech Media | mbray@msptechmedia.com | 612-336-9241