2016 Presentation Archives

Many of the speakers from the 2016 edition of the VM Workshop have kindly provided their presentation materials in electronic format so attendees may download them for reference. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- Presentations will be posted as we receive them.)

In the listing below, the filenames are uniformly formatted as "VMworkshop2016-TitleOfPresentation-Author(s)". All are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, and some are also provided in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) format or in LibreOffice Impress (ODP) format.

Please note that the presentations are copyright by the speakers and/or their organizations, and please respect this copyright and do not re-post elsewhere without permission from the author.

More presentations may be added over time as they are received from speakers; please check back in a day or two if the one you seek is not yet posted.

Power Point File Linux Foundation and Open Mainframe Project presentation (Len Santalucia)
PDF File How Pipelines Changed My Life - Or At Least My Tooling in z/VM (David Kreuter)
PDF File z/VM The Leader in Virtualization (Bill Bitner)
PDF File z/VM Platform Update (Bill Bitner)
PDF File z/VM Charge Back Models and Methods (Bill Bitner)
PDF File Intro to Rexx Hands-On Workshop (Chip Davis)
PDF File Introduction to Docker (Neale Ferguson)
PDF File REXX Language Coding Techniques (Tracy Dean)
PDF File Customer Experiences: Monitoring and Managing z/VM, Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE (Tracy Dean)
PDF File Backup Strategies for z/VM and Linux on z Systems or LinuxONE (Tracy Dean)
PDF File z/VSE Tape-less Installation (Ingo Franzki)
PDF File z/VSE Wellness (Ingo Franzki)
PDF File Using the latest and greatest z/VSE Connectors features (Ingo Franzki)
PDF File Best Practices to secure your z/VSE system and data (Ingo Franzki)
PDF File News to Development Environments and for RDz for z/VSE (Ingo Franzki)
PDF File Implementing the new z/VSE Network Appliance in IBM z13 (Ingo Franzki)
PDF File Managing z/VM and Linux Performance Best Practices (Mike Sine)
PDF File z Systems - The Lowest Cost Platform (David Anderson)
PDF File Frequently Asked Questions about an IBM IT Economics Study (David Anderson)
PDF File Understanding your IT Economics (David Anderson)
PDF File The Value of z Systems Virtualization Security (David Rossi)
PDF File Best practices for running Oracle Databases under z/VM (Sam Amsavelu)
PDF File z/VM System Configuration - Let's Talk About all the Choices (Bruce Hayden)