2013 Housing INFO - Dorm Rooms (Registration/Parking Pass/Payment), and nearby Hotels

One of the main reasons VM Workshop is so affordable is that we try to make available dorm rooms and "student-class" housing in addition to the more traditional business hotel. Below you'll find information about how to register for a dorm room (if you haven't attended VM Workshop before, we highly recommend using the dorm housing -- it's part of the overall experience, and you'll get a chance to really get to know both the speakers and your peers in a unique way).

Dorm room reservations MUST BE RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE JUNE 1, 2013. Any received after that date cannot be honored.

Dorm rooms are double-occupancy, you'll have a room mate! If you reserve a bed, you can choose who to 'room' with when you check-in, or be assigned a random (same gender) roommate. Some attendees have entered and paid for two (2) Dorm Room reservations (e.g. "Joe Public - Bed 1", and "Joe Public - Bed 2"); but doing so does double the price per night.

To view typical dorm room pictures scroll down on this page. NOTE: in consideration of the typical VM Workshop attendee ... uhhh... "life experience" (yeah, THAT's it!) , the beds in our rooms will be lowered to 'normal' height before we get there.