2013 Attendee Registration

Online attendee registrations, dorm room reservations, and parking pass purchases must be completed before 23:59 (11:59 PM) on Friday May 31, 2013, and will include the 2013 VM Workshop polo shirt.

Online attendee registrations will be accepted after that time, and on-site attendee registrations will be accepted by credit card, check, or cash but... online reservations for dorm rooms, parking passes, and polo shirt orders will not be processed after 23:59 on May 31, and the $65 debit card for meals will be delayed by manual handling.

Registering for the VM Workshop is a three step process. We know this may seem complicated, but it provides the minimum amount of spam for you, and ensures that we get the information we need to make registration and attendance as easy as possible.

You are not registered until all three steps are completed!

The steps are:

  • Get a VM Workshop Userid

    If you have attended a VM Workshop in the past, you can skip this step and use the id you already have. If you've forgotten the id, or forgotten the password, use the "forgot password" link on the main page of vmworkshop.org, and you'll be able to get it reset.

    If you haven't done this before, the id gives you access to the internal VM Workshop content (like the agenda and tools tape downloads), and lets us easily put your name with your registration. We do not share any data with anyone, so your data is safe. Note also that there is a manual verification step, so the id will take a little bit (usually less than a day) to be approved. We do this because the amount of spam ids requested is enormous, and it's the only way we can keep the bozos out of your hair and keep this site totally useful content.

    Use this URL: http://www.vmworkshop.org/wksprgfm.shtml and create a userid before you continue with the other steps.
  • Complete the Workshop Attendee Registration Form

    When you have your VM Workshop userid, log in and click on the following URL:

    - Link Removed -

    This will collect your name, shirt size, and some emergency contact information.

    Note: filling in a useful emergency contact has literally saved lives in the past. Help us make you safer by providing good data here.

    When you click the submit button, you'll be taken to the next step.
  • Pay your registration fee with PayPal

    We don't want to ever see (or know) your bank account or credit card data. To make that happen, we use PayPal to collect the fees for the conference. After you submit your attendee data, you'll be taken to a page with a PayPal button on it. Press that button to pay your attendee fee. If you already have a PayPal ID, use your normal PayPal login and choose your payment type and funding source. All the other details will already be filled in for you.

    If you've never used PayPal before, go through the registration process and it'll take you back to the transaction after you've done the signup.

    At the end of the PayPal process, there is a "return to VM Workshop" link. It's very small (and we can't change that; it's on their site), but if you want a positive confirmation of your registration, please make sure you return to the vmworkshop.org site. You'll see a "Successful Registration" page if you did the process right.

    • If you get interrupted during the registration process, just start at step 2 and resubmit your data. We'll use the last entry as the final copy.

    • To start your registration, click on this URL:

    • - Link Removed -

    • If someone else needs to pay for your registration (like your procurement department), click on this URL instead:

    • - Link Removed -