Submitter: Jim Moling, US Dept of the Treasury

Version: 2.0


This is a package for cloning the z/VM operating system. It is designed to allow you to clone the system that you are logged onto, such as the shipped configuration from IBM, as well as cloning from a set of static, i.e. inactive, VM system volumes for a new VM system. It is designed to create a new set of VM system volumes with new volsers, and automatically updates the system config and VM directory files to reflect the new set of volsers. In summary, this utility allows you to create a clone of an existing VM system quickly and easily. It is known to work several versions of VM, including 4.4.0, 5.2.0 and 6.1.0, however, it will most likely not work with the latest version of z/VM, which is 6.2.0, due to the extensive changes that have been made.

Last Updated: 2012

Works/tested On:

  • z/VM 4.x 31-bit
  • z/VM 4.4 31-bit (last release for 31-bit systems)
  • z/VM 4.x 64-bit
  • z/VM 4.4 64-bit
  • z/VM 5.x 64-bit (z9 or higher)
  • z/VM 5.4 64-bit (z9 or higher, last release for z9 and lower)
  • z/VM 6.1 (z10 or higher)

Other Products Required: None

Zip File CLONEVM Version 2.0