Configuring ESCON CTC Connections

This document describes a cookbook example of how to configure ESCON CTC connections between LPARs on a single zSeries system. It demonstrates how to plan and code the necessary IOCP statements to interconnect multiple LPARs, and provides additional references for further study.

The files shown below are:

  • ECTCPSB.PDF: PDF version of the paper
  • ECTCLIST.VMARC: 1403-compatible LISTING version of the paper.
  • ECTCPS.VMARC: LISTPS and PSBIN version of paper (PSBIN version has fonts and PDF marks postprocessed into the PS output from DCF)
  • ECTCSRC.VMARC: SCRIPT/Bookmaster source for the paper.

VMARC files should be reblocked to RECFM F, LRECL 80 before extracting.

Contact information for the author:

Shimon Lebowitz
Israel Police National HQ
Jerusalem, Israel
phone: +972 2 530-9877 fax: + 972 2 530-9308

PDF File ectcpsb.pdf
VMARC File ectclist.vmarc
VMARC File ectclist.vmarc
VMARC File ectclist.vmarc