2023 Session Proposal Submission

Submit your proposal, for a presention, that you would like to give at the upcoming workshop. Fields marked by a red asterisk (*) are required.

The last day for session submissions is 25 May 2023.





Give a one, or two, paragraph description of your session:

  • what are you going to cover
  • what should people know before attending?
Your cover page should include, not only the session title, but also your name, the date, and your e-mail address for use if they have questions.

How much do you expect the attendee to know about the topic? In general the attendees at VM Workshop have a technical background, but assuming a "Scientific American" level of knowledge is a not safe bet -- you have a technically capable audience, but they might not know anything about what you're talking about.

How long do you expect your session to last?

Do you need internet access?

 No Internet Access
 Hard wired required
 Wi-Fi required

Does your presentation need any special A/V requirements? An HDMI- and VGA-connection projector and microphone are standard equipment.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about your session? E.g. a preferred day and time for your session (which we cannot guarantee, but will try to meet, or be close to, if at all possible).

Note: You should receive a confirmation email, shortly after your successful submission. If you don't receive the confirmation email, please contact us at webmaster@vmworkshop.org.


We will host your presentation on the VM Workshop website, if you wish to send it to us. When it is ready, send it to us via email to presentations@vmworkshop.org. The only accepted format is PDF. Any other formats will be ignored.

Alternatively you can send a link to the presentation on your website.