2022 VM Workshop Committee Members

The VM Workshop is run by regular people with real day jobs using, supporting, and developing for z/VM, z/VSE, and Linux. The people listed here are regular contributors to the planning and behind-the-scenes work needed to bring off a top-quality event like VM Workshop. If you see these people running around like crazed lunatics, that's most of the reason why -- they're "making good things happen".

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you'd like to get engaged with making the VM Workshop happen, ask ANY of these people, or check the box on your registration that says you'd like to be a part of bringing VM Workshop to the huddled masses who dream to have the best hosting/virtual private cloud/whatever in the world, based on technologies we love. It doesn't take much time, and you get to know loads of people who you'll like, a lot. (cue dramatic music....)

The 2022 Committee for the Betterment of Civilization Through Presenting VM Workshop is:

2022 Board members Email address Employer 2022 VM Workshop role
Howells, Gerard ghowells@gmail.com 2022 Chairman
Diegel, Len len@velocitysoftware.com VMLEND Consulting 2011 Chairman Emeritus, VM Workshop Reanimated Co-Founder, Ways and Means Guy, Sponsor Wrangler
Stringfield, Kate kstringfield@sinenomine.net Sine Nomine Associates (SNA) Senior Executive Secretary of Getting Important Stuff Done
Munson, Bill William.Munson@bbh.com Brown Brothers Harriman & Co (BBH) Lord High Treasurer of the Exchequer, 2012 Chairman Emeritus
Tully, Phil Phil.Tully@adp.com ADP Director-At-Large, 2016 Chairman Emeritus
2022 Active members Email address Employer 2022 VM Workshop role
Bitner, Bill BitnerB@us.ibm.com IBM Lord of Stuff Related to IBM
Davis, Chip Chip@aresti.com Aresti Systems Gimlet-eyed proofreader & committee Listmaster
Eggett, Marianne Marianne.Eggett@mainline.com Mainline Information Systems (MIS) Adjutant Sponsor Wrangler
Giglio, Mike Michael.Giglio@ensono.com Ensono 2018 Chairman Emeritus
Griffin, Dianne Dianne.Griffin@marriott.com Marriott International 2020-2021 Chairman Emeritus
Hartmann, Andy Andy.Hartman@mainline.com Mainline Information Systems (MIS)
Hugenbruch, Brian BWHugen@us.ibm.com IBM Squire of Stuff Related to IBM
Jagos, Brian Brian.Jagos@broadcom.com Broadcom, Inc. Circus Ringmaster, adult beverage coordinator
Mild, Wilhelm Wilhelm.Mild@de.ibm.com IBM Boeblingen Session Wrangler
Moling, Jim Jim.Moling@gmail.com 2017 Chairman Emeritus
Morse, Chuck morsecl118@gmail.com Retired Lab Session Lieutenant, Chocolate Disbursement Officer
Muelas-Serrano, Gonzalo GonzaloM@21csw.com 21st Century Software VSE Speaker Wrangler
Noto, Tony tony@velocitysoftware.com Velocity Software, Inc (VSI) 2017 underappreciated website converter and webmaster pro-bono
Riggs, Mike MRiggs@vacourts.gov Supreme Court of Virginia 2019 Chairman Emeritus, VSE Content Master, Consistent VSE Representative
Santalucia, Len LSantalucia@vicominfinity.com Vicom Infinity Godfather of Shirts, Site Visit Coordinator
Schuler-Dalverny, Eric ericshecky@yahoo.com> 2015 Chairman Emeritus
Smith, Marc MSmith@protechtraining.com ProTech Technical Training Destination z interface, VM Workshop Communications
Smrcina, Rich Rich@velocitysoftware.com Velocity Software, Inc (VSI) Chief Session Scheduler and Gridmeister, Master of the Website
You! ? ? Attendee, possible speaker, potential Lord Volunteer for Some Important Task
Appreciated previous-years,
and current year supportive members
Email address Employer Role
Boyes, David private Sine Nomine Associates (SNA) VM Workshop Historian and Occasional Web Site Content Lackey Emiterus
Chen, Eddie EChenRunner@gmail.com New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) New-session Espouser
Courtney, Scott SCourtney@sinenomine.net Sine Nomine Associates (SNA) VM Workshop Webmaster at the Dawn of Time
Glodowski, Stev Stev.Glodowski@de.ibm.com IBM Boeblingen VSE Session Wrangler
Jones, Dave DJones@itconline.com Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC) Lord Presenter of Cool Arcane Technology
Robinson, Barton Barton@velocitysoftware.com Velocity Software, Inc (VSI) z/VM Performance Evangelist, VM Workshop Reanimated Co-Founder, Web Site host
Seay, Cameron CWSeay@gmail.com North Carolina A&T University University Attendance Coordinator and Cheerleader
Slavick, Jack JSlavick4@comcast.net Avalon Management Backbencher
Southerland, Steve Steve.Southerland@ceridian.com Ceridian HCM Americans with Disabilities and Allergies representative
Walter, Mike WalterThePennyless@hotmail.com Retired 2013 & 2014 Chairman Emeritus , Closing Quiz Chocolate Disbursement Officer
Ziemer, Margarete private Sine Nomine Associates (SNA) Dame IRS 501(c)(3) Application Provisioner, and Outside Agitator