2022 Location

The location of the 2022 VM Workshop is:

Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC)
25-85 Murray Hill Road, Vestal, NY 13850

Here is a map of the university. The ITC is highlighted.

If you have packages, trunks, etc. to be delivered for use at the 2022 VM Workshop, the shipping address is:

Binghamton University Central Receiving
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902
Attn: Andrea Palmeri - VM Workshop

The ATTN above is VERY important!
Packages should not arrive before June 10, 2022.

Binghamton University opened its doors as Triple Cities College in 1946 to serve the needs of local veterans returning from service in World War II. Originally located in Endicott, five miles west of the present campus, the fledgling school was a branch of Syracuse University.

Four years later, when the college was incorporated into the State University of New York, it was renamed Harpur College in honor of Robert Harpur, a Colonial teacher, patriot and pioneer, who devoted his later years to settling the area around Binghamton.

Until 1953, Harpur College was one of only two public liberal arts colleges in the state. In 1961, the campus was moved across the Susquehanna River to Vestal. Growing enrollment and a reputation for excellence soon led to the selection of Harpur College as one of four doctorate-granting University Centers in the state system.

In 1965, the campus was formally designated the State University of New York at Binghamton. Binghamton University was adopted as its informal name in 1992.

The university has an active relationship with IBM, and it is near the IBM Endicott site where z/VM is created and maintained.

We're looking forward to the site and to seeing you there!