2018 Hotel List

If you really prefer to skip the dorm experience, the Greensboro Visitors Center and RoomKey.com maintain searchables list of accomodations by price, proximity and amenities. None of the hotels are within easy walking distance of the Academic Building where the sessions will be pre

The Greensboro Visitors Center list is located --> here. The closest housing to campus is displayed on the "Location" pull-down by selecting: bIn the downtown areab

Roomkey.com is is located --> here

An alternative for an interactive map is to use Google search arguments: North Carolina A&T State University, nearby lodging

North Caroliona A&T State University is displayed on that Google map by an unlabled orange marker (below marker 'B'), just west of state routes 70/29 (South Ohenry Blvd), south of state route 220, and north of I-40.

Note that VM Workshop has no direct affiliation with this list or any of the hotels listed there. At the time of this posting, we have not arranged any discount programs or rates with any non-university housing. We will update this page if that changes.