2017 Presentation Archives

Many of the speakers from the 2017 edition of the VM Workshop have kindly provided their presentation materials in electronic format so attendees may download them for reference. Presentations will be posted as we receive them.

In the listing below, the files are shown in the order they were received. Mouse over the link and your browser should show you the format of the file (pdf, ppt, odp, etc).

Please note that the presentations are copyright by the speakers and/or their organizations, and please respect this copyright and do not re-post elsewhere without permission from the author.

More presentations may be added over time as they are received from speakers; please check back in a day or two if the one you seek is not yet posted.

SpeakerCompanySession Title
Jim Elliott Glasshouse Systems 50 Years of Mainframe Virtualization, CP40 to z/VM
Ingo Franzki IBM CICS TS for z/VSE Update
z/VSE Connectors Introduction, Use Cases, and News
z/VSE Installation
z/VSE Networking Options and News
z/VSE Security Crypto and OpenSSL
z/VSE Technical Update and z/VSE V6.2 Preview
Bruce Hayden IBM z/VM System Configuration
Montgomery Bauman IBM LinuxOne - The World's Biggest Baddest Linux Server
Stan King ITC Mainframe in a Tiny Box: What a Wonderful Concept
Joe Zozzaro CM First Legacy Application Issues and Challenges
Christy Schroeder IBM Help! My Mainframers Are Retiring and I Need New Talent
Bill Bitner IBM z/VM 6.4: A Customer Driven Release
Don't Fear the Critical Situation
z/VM 6.4: Preparation and Use
Rich Smrcina Velocity Software Proactive Monitoring and Operational Support
Stev Glodowski IBM z/VSE News, Announcements, Trends
z/VSE Service and Support
z/VSE Pricing and Subcapacity Reporting
Ken McMahon z/Transformation Technology Group Uh Oh! Upper Management Wants to Leave the z/VSE Mainframe
My Company is Looking to Cut Costs in IT, Can We Save the Mainframe?
Product Migration Considerations and Options for z/VSE Users
Andrew Hartman Mainline Information Systems Using Kickstart to Install Red Hat under z/VM
Neale Ferguson Sine Nomine Associates Introduction to Docker and Open Shift
Tracy Dean IBM REXX Language Coding Techniques
Backing Up z/VM and Linux
Operational Monitoring and Automation for z/VM and Linux
z/VM Management Customer Experiences
Paul Flint Barre Open Systems Institute Visual Bash - Yet Another Framework?
Alex Kim Vicom Infinity Hyperledger Fabric Composed and Marbles Lab
Lessons Learned from Running Hyperledger Demos on z/VM Linux
Rick Troth Voltage Security Simple Shared Spaces
Getting Started with SSL/TLS and PKI
Easy DNS with Linux on z/VM
Tunneling into Tor
Wilhelm Mild IBM Blockchain on LinuxONE, the New Revolutionary Transaction Model
Customer Eperiences using Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE
Linux on zSystems - News and Exploitation
Docker Technology Demystified for Mainframers
Why the new Linux Ecosystem on LinuxONE and Open Source Technologies Enable New Horizons
How to Integrate Business Processes and Data Enforcing Industry Standards
Mike Giglio Health Plan Systems The Emperor Strikes Back
Marianne Eggett Mainline Information Systems Running a Successful Proof of Concept for Linux on z Systems
Mike Walter Retired REXX Coding Standards & "Better Practices"
Ask and Ye Shall Receive - Open Discussion
Brian Hugenbruch IBM The Junior Woodchuck's Guide to Repairing Your RACFVM Database
Keys to the Virtual Kingdom - Getting Started with z Crypto
DNA Sequencing for the z/VM Virtual Switch