2017 Attendee Goodies

Regular (paid) Attendees (including sponsor attendees)

If you register before the deadline, your attendance package will contain a high quality polo shirt in "OSU red" color,with a VM Workshop 2017 logo on the left sleeve.

Special Offers from Our Sponsors

Our sponsors offering several free bonusus to our paid conference attendees this year. Watch this space for this year: Watch this space for updated information!

  • Velocity Software, Inc. - a free z/VM and Linux on z Systems Performance class. This class will be held Monday June 19, 2017 through Wednesday June 21 2017. For registration and additional information visit Velocity Software's registration page

Student Attendees

Your student attendance package includes entry to at all technical sessions (i.e. no polo short, no entry to the Thursday evening Gala Reception and Banquet Dinner, and no included meals. You may choose to order and pay for a polo shirt, or the Thursday evening Reception/Dinner when ordering if you so choose).

Spouse (Unpaid) Attendees

Spouses /significant others/guestnot attending sessions do not have to pay for the conference itself, but only for dorm housing, Gala Dinner, and other extras.

Registration deadlines

  • Before 11:59 PM EDT Tuesday April 30 to take advantage of Early Bird pricing for session attendance.
  • Before 11:59 PM EDT Wednesday May 31 to ensure receipt of a Polo shirt in your size (one included for general attendees and sponsors) or a T-shirt in your size (one included for student attendees).
  • Before 11:59 PM EDT Wednesday May 31 to reserve a dorm room.
  • Walk-in registration and payment will be accepted onsite, but not for dorm rooms, nor with any guarantee of a Polo shirt or T-shirt.

Any submissions after those deadlines may, or may not, be processed