2015 Registration

Registration for the 2015 VM Workshop !

There are four kinds of registration:

  • Regular Attendee

    Regular Attendees get the full package of sessions, meals, and goodies (including a super-fashionable, limited edition polo shirt).

  • Spouse Attendee

    Spouse registrations are free but include no "extras". The Spouse registration is mainly for tracking purposes, and it allows you to arrange housing and other items for someone who does not plan to participate in the conference.

  • Full-time Student Attendee

    Full-time Student Attendees, with their photo ID from any accredited college, get to attend the full package of sessions, but do NOT receive the goodie bag, meals, or a polo shirts (but do get a 2015 VM Workshop T-shirt which will surely become the "MUST HAVE" T-shirt on campus!). Optional attendance at the Thursday evening Banquet Reception dinner will be offered during registration, at a very modest cost.

  • VM Workshop Sponsor

    Sponsors receive a table in the vendor area, a guaranteed technical session opportunity on a topic of your choice, and your logo prominently displayed on the www site and opening and closing session materials and on VM Workshop advertisements. Note that a sponsor registration does not include attendance at conference sessions or events (like the dinner); if you would like to have people attend sessions or other VM Workshop events, they must register separately as an attendee.

    We're thrilled that you'd like to sponsor us! Your sponsorship fee helps to keep the attendee registration, food, and housing costs extraordinarily low; permitting those without employer sponsorship to attend and pay out of their own pocket. Those self-paid attendees are your potential new customers!

    What's in it for you?

    • Sponsors are provided with a 6-8' table (size depending on site availability) and chairs in a prominent location with high attendee foot traffic. Sponsors may hang their own banner from the front of the table, and place product and other materials on the table for attendees to take back to their shop.
    • Sponsors are guaranteed access to one session slot to present/demo their product(s). However, the session must not be a full-on sales pitch, but contain technical detail of interest to z/VM Systems Programmers and Linux on System z Administrators. I.e. ensure that someone is present to answer technical questions.
    • Sponsors are rewarded with:
      • exposure to both z/VM old-timers, and new-and-upcoming z/VM customers (some of whom may already have z/OS or distributed Linux installed, and are attending the workshop to learn how to deal with z/VM and Linux on System z).
      • the undying gratitude of extraordinary people.

Registration deadlines:

  • Before 11:59 PM Wednesday June 3 to ensure receipt of a Polo shirt in your size (one included for general attendees and sponsors), or a T-shirt in your size (one included for student attendees).
  • Before 11:59 PM Sunday June 14 to reserve a dorm room.
  • Walk-in registration and payment will be accepted onsite, but... not for dorm rooms, nor with any guarantee of a Polo shirt or T-shirt.

Registration for the 2015 VM Workshop, including reserving housing and other items, is through our VM Workshop Registration web site.

Should your employer require the VM Workshop IRS W-9 form, it can be found attached at the bottom of the "About VM Workshop" web page.