2015 Housing (Hotel and Dorm) Info

Dorm suites at Binghamton University typically contain beds, bathrooms, and a common sitting area.

Dorm rooms for 2015 are available in two varieties:

  • Double-occupancy rooms have 2 (TWO) people per bedroom, within a multi-bedroom suite. Only two rooms will be occupied, so that the two occupied bedrooms each have a bathroom -- you will share a bathroom with your one roommate only.
  • Single-occupancy rooms have 1 (ONE) person per bedroom, within a 4-bedroom suite. There are two bathrooms available to be shared collectively by the four bedroom occupants.

For additional details, including 3D renderings of typical dorm suites, see: http://www.binghamton.edu/residential-life/communities/dickinson/room-styles.html

Also, see the attached suite floorplans (single, double, and unoccupied rooms annotated) and dorm photos attached to this page.

All dorm rooms are priced per occupied bed, per night. The price on the "add to cart" button is for a single night and will be multiplied by the quantity of nights for which you are registering.

When you register, select the dates of arrival and departure. The default period is arrival June 24 and departure June 27, which the shopping cart will consider to be a stay of three nights.

There is a kitchen area on each dorm floor which contains a large refrigerator. This refrigerator can be used to hold personal items such as medicines, drinks, and food.

Note: Please be considerate of your fellow attendees and keep your personal items to a minimum and in clearly marked bags.

In addition, a few of the dorm suites allotted to the VM Workshop will contain a small refrigerator. If you need to be in closer proximity to a refrigerator - please send a request to Eric_Schuler-Dalverny@ibi.com and an effort will be made to place you in such a suite.

Registration deadlines:

  • Before 11:59 PM Wednesday June 3 to ensure receipt of a Polo shirt in your size (one included for general attendees and sponsors) or a T-shirt in your size (one included for student attendees).
  • Before 11:59 PM Sunday June 14 to reserve a dorm room.
  • Walk-in registration and payment will be accepted onsite, but... not for dorm rooms, nor with any guarantee of a Polo shirt or T-shirt.

Any submissions after those deadlines may, or may not, be processed.

See the the 2015 VM Workshop Annotated Map (ATTACHED BELOW).

Note that the map is oriented such that "North is down", instead of the typical "North up". The Dickinson Community, and Rafuse Hall dorm in which dorm housing is located is at the upper left corner of the map (but the southeast corner of campus), while the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC) is at the bottom left corner of the map (but the northeast corner of campus).

Image File Typical bathroom in a dorm suite.jpg
Image File Typical bedroom in a dorm suite.jpg
Image File Typical common kitchen in suite-style dorm.jpg
Image File Typical lounge area in suite-style dorm.jpg
Image File Dickinson Community, Rafuse Hall floor plans v2.jpg
PDF File BU campus-map VM Workshop - June 2015 - v3 (2).pdf