2014 Attendee Goodies

Aside from:

  • the usual ISV-provided tchotchkes, and
  • the Thursday evening Gala Dinner Deception for regular attendees (Spouses and Students may purchase a ticket at modest costs during registration),
  • during which the historical (and often hysterical) VM Workshop "Ugly Hawaiian Shirt" contest will be held -- BYOUHS!!, and
  • a nifty embroidered 2014 VM Workshop polo shirt in NCAT school colors (included for every regular attendee registered and paid for before 11:59 PM May 30), and
  • a nifty 2014 VM Workshop T-shirt for Student attendees registered and paid for before 11:59 PM May 30 (during registration, Student attendees can purchase a Polo Shirt if they wish, and regular attendees may purchase a T-shirt if they wish), and
  • if time permits and interest is expressed, a rather amateur magic show by Sir Mike the Prestidigitor - Virtual Magician...

... additional "Goodies" include:
  • Maybe more... the anticipation and suspense is exciting, yes? (... once more, cue the dramatic music...)

Dorm room registrations and payment must be complete before 11:59 PM Friday May 30 (providing set-up time for NC A&T).