Submit A Session Proposal for the VM Workshop

VM Workshop is all about the attendees talking to each other about what they're working on or thinking about. EVERYONE is welcome to speak about their experiences, no matter how minor or trivial you might think they are.

Why Should YOU Speak at VM Workshop?

  • What YOU Do Matters!

    Got a neat new tool you wrote that saves you time and effort? Tell us about it. Got an idea you want to try out on a bunch of people? Tell us about it. Want to champion a change or an idea to IBM? Tell us about it.

    Yes, we have some IBM speakers, but the "VM Way" has always been to do something nifty and then share it with as many friends as possible. Speaking at VM Workshop is a great way to get the word out about what YOU do, and it'll get you great feedback. No topic too strange, as long as it's related to VM in some way.

  • Friendly Audiences

    The audiences at VM Workshop are your peers. It's one of the greatest places to speak because the people in the audience have the same problems and concerns you do. You'll get great feedback, and it's the best way available to get new contacts, and maybe even some assistance!

  • It's Great Practice

    Is your boss bugging you to get out more and develop your personal speaking and presentation skills? Do you want to give a talk a dry run against a room full of subject matter experts before you present somewhere else? VM Workshop is a great place to practice-run. We've all been through it at some point, and as mentioned above, it's a friendly sort of place to try things out.

  • It's a Great Career Enhancer

    Speaking gets you known in the industry. It's a great resume booster in that it tells employers that people WANT to hear what you have to say, and that your opinions are taken seriously by industry professionals. That makes YOU more valuable as an employee, and more desirable if you're trying to land a job.

What Topics Are We Looking For?

We're looking for 45-50 minute presentations or discussions on:

  • User experiences with z/VM and Linux
  • Tools that you have written or found that others might not know about
  • Tutorials (how to use a product, how to learn new parts of the system, how to use CMS tools, etc)
  • Future ideas (what should happen with VM, suggestions, requirements?)

If you've got a shorter session, go ahead and send it it -- we'll try to match it up with another shorter topic to fill a 50 minute slot.

We are NOT looking for:

  • Any form of advertising or marketing materials -- technical material only

To Submit A Presentation or Talk Idea

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