Mike Poil's Presentations and Tools

Date Title
ZIP File 24 Nov 2021 MONVSE.ZIP
MONVSE is a z/VSE performance monitor that looks at cpu utilisation and cpu delays at the z/VSE and Partition levels and has been used to help solve real customer z/VSE and CICS performance issues. It writes CSV format output at intervals of 1 second to 1 hour and can warn about excessive Partition cpu utilisation. While it looks superficially like CPUMON, the CSV format output is significantly more comprehensive and useful. However, MONVSE cannot be used to produce the XML format output that can be used for Capacity Planning automation.
The ZIP file contains a LNKEDT BJB job and sample JCL.
The tool was originally called VSEMON, but the name has been changed to avoid a conflict with the Velocity Software, Inc product of the same name.
ZIP File 27 May 2021 DFH0STAT.20210527.zip
The enhanced version of DFH0STAT as described by my performance presentations. Please note that programs DFH$STAS and DFH$VSAM are now called DFH0STAS and DFH0VSAM, hence existing CSD PROGRAM definitions will need to be changed to use the new DFH0STAT phase.
ZIP File 06 May 2021 CMF Enhancements.zip
This ZIP file contains unofficial Usermods to enable additional wait times to be added to the CICS Monitoring Facility SMF 110 Task Performance record to reduce the amount of unexplained task wait/suspend time. The record structure is not changed and hence will not cause problems to existing user and Vendor code that reads them. However, the SZWAIT (group DFHFEPI) clock is now used to record the wait time for the three EXEC CICS WAIT commands that was not included in the record before these fixes. As usual, you use them at your own risk.
ZIP File 26 Apr 2021 FCXCWAIT.USERMOD.zip
This is a Usermod to enable VSAM FCXCWAIT Exclusive Control Wait time to be accounted for in the CICS task performance record FCIOWTT field, with a count in the FCTE that is picked up by my enhanced DFH0STAT and shown as "EXCC".
PDF File 23 Mar 2021 CICS TS for zVSE Dispatcher Priority ZAP.pdf
This MSHP ZAP is designed for customers who would like the CICS Dispatcher to prioritise the workload based solely on the defined priority 0 to 255. PRTYAGE=0 must be used at the same time for it to work as expected. You use it at your own risk.
PDF File 07 Mar 2021 Handling CICS TS for zVSE Storage Violations.pdf
This is the presentation for an accompanying video about Storage Violation debugging for CICS Transaction Server for z/VSE.

The video is in two parts:
Part 1
Part 2
CICS TS VSE System Dump Serialisation Usermod

This is a Usermod for phase DFHEVSDM, which produces all CICS System Dumps. VSE's dump routine is very slow and has no ability to stop activity in the whole partition while the dump is taken. This can cause problems with abends like SO0002 that occur on a different subtask (SO) to the one that is used for almost all transaction processing (QR), and often results in a problem with the internal trace data content because QR is adding trace data as the trace table is being dumped, with trace data required to solve an SO0002 abend often being overlaid.

The file is a VSE Binary Job (BJB) that can be FTPed to the POWER RDR queue in Binary mode, and contains a LNKEDT step. By default, DFHEVSDM is linked into PRD2.CONFIG but a PAUSE is added to allow you to enter a different LIBDEF PHASE,CATALOG= statement.

Although the eye-catcher indicates that it was produced for CICS TS 1.1.1 (internal release 411), it can be used on any release. The fix was not "clean" enough to be considered as an APAR and a PTF - but it works!
ZIP File 02 Feb 2021 boostmro.zip
BOOSTMRO is a simple CICS Application program that has the potential to improve VSE CICS TS MRO performance, primarily when Function Shipping is used. It makes no changes to CICS code.
ZIP File 02 Feb 2021 batchmon.20210202.zip
BATCHMON is designed for monitoring and tuning z/VSE batch job steps. It produces a single line of CSV output when a job steps end. By default this is written to SYSLST but the data can be written to a fixed-blocked sequential disk file. It reports on cpu usage and EXCP counts, plus it shows percentage values for active on a cpu, waiting for a cpu, NP code active and the most common task wait states such a ECB (e.g. I/O) wait, POWER wait, Lock wait, plus Partition and Getvis storage usage values. It is not a substitute for Vendor z/VSE batch monitoring software, but it could help z/VSE customers who either do not want to or cannot afford to install Vendor software. It should be easy to install and use because it runs as a normal batch program with absolutely no changes to the z/VSE Operating System and no use of key 0 etc. As always, I appreciate feedback of any kind.
ZIP File 12 Dec 2019 DFH$MCSV.ZIP
A sample of a modified version of DFH$MOLS that converts CICS Monitoring Task Performance data from DMF into CSV format.
Source code is provided.
ZIP File 12 Dec 2019 DIAG8E.ZIP
A batch program to monitor VSE Lock Waits over a period of time.
ZIP File 11 Dec 2019 DEBUG8E.ZIP
This is a batch program to help you look at a VSE Lock Wait that is happening right now.