The TBROWSE VMARC file contains TBROWSE and its related files
TBROWSE is a CMS utility that allows you to browse a tape mounted on an
attached real tape drive or defined virtual tape drive.
The files included in this VMARC file are:
TBROWSE  ASSEMBLE  - The assemble file for the formatter
TBROWSE  TEXT      - The text output from an HLASM assembly
TBROWSE  MODULE    - The module file created from the above text file
UTASM    EXEC      - Assembly exec that uses VMFHLASM to assemble files E
UTCNTRL  CNTRL     - An assembly control file for UTASM
TBROWSE  README    - This document
TBVMARC  EXEC      - Exec to build the TBROWSE VMARC file
The TBROWSE assemble file is in CMS packed format.  VMFHLASM will
automatically unpack the source for assembly.
See the TBROWSE HELPCMS file for the command format.
Any comments, sugestions or questions about TBROWSE should be sent to
    Rick Bourgeois - support@vsoftsys.com or rick@vsoftsys.com
    Virtual Software Systems, Inc.
    7715 Browns Bridge Rd
    Gainesville, GA  30506
     TBROWSE was originally written by programmers at the Weizmann
     Institute of Science in the early 1980's and distributed on
     the VM MODs tape.  VSSI has been upgrading TBROWSE to keep it
     current and distributing it with their VTAPE product since
     TBROWSE became available.  There are no restrictions I am
     aware of to the free distribution TBROWSE.