TapeMap 3.066 Distribution
  June 1998
This is TapeMap.  TapeMap can tell you a lot of things about a tape.
Like density, labels, block sizes, etc.  My goal was to take any tape,
in an unknown format, and describe it.  We use this for things like
identifying mysterious tapes we receive from other installations and
identifying the even more mysterious tapes we get from IBM.
TapeMap recognizes VMFPLC2, TAPE, SPTAPE, and other formats.  It
describes the files and estimates the amount of tape used.
TapeMap supported 2400 and 3420 type drives under CMS and OS.  3410,
3430, 3480, 3490, 8809, and 9347 drives are supported under CMS.
We have only 3420 and 3480 drives and support for other types is less
thoroughly tested.  Under CMS unrecognized device types are treated as
if they were a 3420.
We run TapeMap under VM/ESA 2.2 and CMS 8. (We are no longer running or
distributing the OS version.)
The source, user's manual, and everything you need should be here.  More
information is contained in INSTALL NOTES.  UPDATE FILE lists the
changes and fixes.
If you have any problems, have any suggestions, or make any
enhancements please let me know.  There is, as always, no warranty,
express or implied.
 Dave Elbon
 University of Kentucky Computing Center
 128 McVey Hall
 Lexington, KY  40506-0045
 Phone:    606 257.2900 x301
 Mail:     sysdave@ukcc.uky.edu